“But Aaron was also a person who’d had problems with depression for many years,” Doctorow blogged. He added that “whatever problems Aaron was facing, killing himself didn’t solve them. Whatever problems Aaron was facing, they will go unsolved forever.”At age 14, Swartz co wrote the RSS specification.He was later admitted to Stanford University, but dropped out after a year because, as he wrote in a blog post, “I didn’t find it a very intellectual atmosphere, since most of the other kids seemed profoundly unconcerned with their studies.”What he did next was help develop Reddit, the social news website that was eventually bought by heavyweight publisher Conde Nast in 2006.Swartz then engaged in Internet digital activism, co founding Demand Progress canvas beach bag, a political action group that campaigns against Internet censorship.But he pushed the legal limits, allegedly putting him on the wrong side of the law.In 2011, he was arrested in Boston for alleged computer fraud and illegally obtaining documents from protected computers.

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