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wholesale replica designer handbags She is supported by Shadow Attorney General David Janetzki, Shadow Health Minister and Act for Mason patron Ros Bates and Katherine Christensen of the campaign group Act for Mason. The Queensland opposition has vowed to introduce Australia’s toughest punishment for child killers if the Liberal National Party wins the next state election. (AAP Video/Aaron Bunch)The same week two babies needlessly lost their lives one in Queensland and one just over the border the state will look into harsher punishment for child killers.Parents and carers who cause fatal injuries to their children as a result of continuous abuse will face life in prison for murder under new laws to be introduced to Queensland next year.Attorney General Yvette D announced an expansion to the definition of murder today while also endorsing recommendations to amend sentencing laws for child homicide.who have callous disregard for human life, where it leads to the death of a child or a vulnerable person if convicted you will face life imprisonment, Ms D said.It would bring Queensland into line with other jurisdictions and apply to child and adult homicides resulting from long term physical and sexual abuse, particularly where victims are young, disabled or elderly.a child has been continuously physically or sexually abused and that abuse causes such horrific injuries that it leads to the death of a child, no one thinks that that is anything other than murder, Ms D said.The deaths of Tiahleigh Palmer and toddler Mason Lee sparked outrage in Queensland, and played in a part in the sentencing council recommendations.It comes after a review of child homicide rulings in replica kipling bags Queensland courts found prison sentences handed to child killers were too low.Ms D last year called on the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council to consider if current penalties for the murder and manslaughter of children reflect the vulnerabilities of young victims.The council report released today found sentences being handed down for the manslaughter of a child were the same or in some cases less than those given to people who killed adults.council would have expected, on average, sentences for offences committed against children to be higher than those committed against adults had their level of vulnerability been accorded significant weight in sentencing, the report said.Ms D said the government had accepted recommendations including amending existing laws to include a requirement that courts consider the defencelessness and vulnerability of a victim younger than 12 as an aggravating factor when sentencing killers.It would mean judges can still impose replica bags los angeles a sentence that considers individual circumstances of each case while acknowledging community expectations that killers should spend more time behind bars.But the state opposition says child manslaughter should carry a mandatory 15 year sentence and there should be a minimum non parole period for the murder of a child under 18 wholesale replica designer handbags.