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As we enter the 2017 2018 season, its crystal clear that there’s little change at the top of the NBA food chain. With the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers facing off in the last three NBA Finals, that matchup is the overwhelming favorite again this season. The Warriors are an amazing 240 (risk $240 to win $100) against the field to win their third NBA title in four years.

The proposed project starts from a systems genomic approach i) to define when and where the ELF4 / ELF3 complex target transcriptional repression, ii) moves to examine the roles of timing in said repression and then iii) to describe the role of light perception in modulating their target association. New technical approaches to find chromatin targets facilitate these experiments. From there, molecular biological approaches would be used to improve the understanding of the structure function relationship of the ELF4 and ELF3 repression cycle through characterisation of their timed complex assembly n the living plant cell.

Mary worked as an administrator in Dorchester courthouse for over 30 years before retirement. She enjoyed time spent at the beach and dancing. Mary will be remembered for her kind and gentle spirit and her caregiving personality. Pennsylvania’s 6th District, despite having obviously been drawn to give GOP candidates an advantage (Houlahan likens it to a spiked dragon), broke for Hillary Clinton in 2016. EMILY’s List and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are funneling resources this year into districts that favored Clinton but are currently represented by Republicans, and Houlahan’s early fundraising numbers have been very strong thanks to the support of those groups. The resistance movement has also given Democrats like Houlahan new momentum this year, as evidenced by the massive, unprecedented wave of women running for officeand getting involved in politics who have never done so before.