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replica Purse More than 50,000 Brits have signed a petition demanding the government take responsibility for funding the TV licences (Image: REUTERS)Get the biggest politics stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersFormer Prime Minister accuses Conservatives of betrayal over breach of promise to pensioners and says abolishing TV license for over 75s will worsen already rising pensioner poverty.In a submission to the BBC Gordon Brown outlines FIVE reasons why the BBC should abandon its plan to remove or restrict the free TV license for pensioners over the age of 75.He says that in a short space of time 50,000 British citizens have signed a replica bags lv petition demanding the government take responsibility for funding the TV licences for the very elderly and that it is time for the Government and BBC to 9a replica bags listen.The former Prime Minister says this is an issue “of national importance and has long term consequences, all of them adverse.”He warns diminishing the BBC’s radio, TV and online service envelope as a result of the BBC paying any part of the license fees of over 75s will negatively affect every citizen and any payment demanded of over 75s will also diminish their quality of replica bags from korea life.1. CLEAR BREACH OF PROMISENissan blasts Brexit uncertainty and confirms Sunderland X Trail plan axedThe Conservative manifesto of 2017 states that ‘we will maintain all other pensioner benefits including free bus passes, eye tests, prescriptions and TV licences, for the duration of this Parliament’ a clear unconditional guarantee that, for the full five years of the Parliament,every pensioner over 75 would be guaranteed a free TV licence.While the Conservative election promise runs to 2022, replica bags india the BBC are wrongly being given the power to make a decision that, in the light of their own financial need to save could abandon the free over 75 licence as early as summer 2020 a breach of promise by the Conservatives.The BBC should not have to bear the replica bags prada burden of a mistake by replica bags forum the Government. It is wrong given its election promise to protect free TV licences, that the Government should be able to wash its hands of the issue and transfer responsibility for deciding who of our pensioner community pays the licence fee or who does not replica bags toronto pay to the BBC.2 replica Purse.