Hermes Replica Belt Organ Donation Bill clears final House of Commons hurdle in historic victory for the MirrorIt means an opt out donor system which will boost the availability of organs is on track to be launched in 2020(Image: Daily Mirror)Having passed though its third and final reading in the Commons, the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill will now pass to the Lords before becoming law.The development is a huge victory for the Daily Mirror and our Change The Law For Life campaign.The legislation will be referred to as Max’s Law after 10 year old Max Johnson, who was saved by a heart transplant and fronted our campaign.It comes after Theresa May revealed she had been moved by the two year crusade and backed our call for change.Today Labour MP Dan Jarvis, who is leading the private members bill through Parliament, said support for the change from MPs had seen “Parliament at its very best”.(Image: Daily Mirror)He added: “Moving to an opt out system for organ donation just like the one they have in Wales will add thousands of names to the donor register, meaning that once the bill is passed hundreds of lives will be saved.”The Barnsley Central MP stressed: “This is not about the state taking control of people’s organs or shaming individuals into donating.”If people want to opt out, that is absolutely fine, and I am respectful of any decision people want to make. No questions will be asked there will be no hard feelings.”The bill is about making it easier for those who might wish to donate to do so.”Mr Jarvis also hailed the Daily Mirror for its drive to change the law, adding: “Their contribution to this campaign has been massive. I am grateful for everything they have done.”The Labour MP also said he wished “to say a final thanks to Max Johnson, his mother Emma, and their entire family.”Max is the 10 year old who fronted the Daily Mirror’s campaign on organ donation.”He was kept alive by a tiny metal pump that was in his chest for seven months. Hermes Replica Belt

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