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purse replica handbags Her cougar form back then was pretty bad, it was only useful as her infinite mobility for chasing/escaping and for killing minions, it was generally not worth the risk to fight in it as opposed to throwing spears from 1500 range. Still while her kill pressure early was replica bags australia low, she was still uncatchable and extremely safe.Yes Zoe has a better laning phase, yes her 100 0 is better than old Nidalee. But that all she has on old Nidalee.Let look at things old Nidalee had that Zoe does not havefree vision (and resistance shred)unconditional mobility on a near nonexistent cooldown (back when about 5 champions actually had mobility)a massive burst heal that gave attack speed (the only heal better than this was old Soraka to keep going when out of mana200 more range on her spear than Zoe QR combostays at 1500 safety range when throwing her spear (800 range for 1 second from Zoe does not sound significant, but if somebody like Syndra (750 range ult) walked slightly forward when Zoe was not full health she would die, certain champions like Lee Sin, Zed and Yasuo can also catch a ride)gets the full damage from her spear at 1300 range(which was capped at 200% increase), as opposed to Zoe full damage at 2550 range (capped at 150% increase), their base damages are similara bug that made spears invisibleNow let look at things replica bags qatar Zoe has that Nidalee doesn havemore kill potentialability to attack around angles (which makes for a much easier laning phase)potentially more mobility (relies on the opponents in times where the game has had a massive mobility creep), potentially increases the range replica bags lv on her Q with ititems replica bags uk like Ludens and runes like Thunderlords Electrocute to add more damage to her comboSo how is Zoe the more unhealthy version again?Also we need to remember that AP Nidalee coexisted with many of the old “OP” champions that have since been nerfed heavily. purse replica handbags

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replica Purse The Devoted are 100% neutral at the current point of the story, with plenty of routes available to make them an ally of either faction. See my other post here that points out that 8.1 content does not use ANY Devoted Sethrak, and the last time the Devoted Sethrak were actually used is the leveling (Horde) or zone introduction (Alliance) quests of 8.0. They are not seen again in any of the Horde OR Alliance campaigns, while the Vulpera are seen multiple times in the Horde faction conflicts.For every “Alliance didn do anything with them” you throw out, the same can be said for Horde, especially when comparing to the Vulpera. replica Purse

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