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canada goose However, the evidence on the effect of statins in ICH is less clear. Studies ranging from the SPARCL trial[3] which showed an increased risk of cheap canada goose recurrent ICH with high dose statins to the recent meta analysis by Ziff et al.,[4] which described no significant increase of the risk of ICH with statins, are few examples. Similar non significant trends were seen in the risk of ICH after prior ischemic stroke and prior ICH.[3] Prior retrospective studies also described a neutral effect of statins on recurrent ICH. canada goose outlet in chicago Interestingly, analysis from the largest administrative database in Israel[2] showed a surprising result; statin use might be associated with decreased ICH risk. Furthermore, an indirect, albeit unique measurement of dose response using average atorvastatin equivalent daily dose (AAEDD) churned out interesting figures a HR of 0.86 (0.79 0.94) for every 10mg/d increase of AAEDD. This dose dependent canada goose black friday effect of statins in reducing the risk of ICH is yet to be thoroughly investigated. canada goose

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