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canada goose clearance sale Almost in slow motion, her red scarf falls to the floor right in front of me. I pick it up. Just as she’s about to pass the open doors, I say, “Excuse me.” She turns and looks at me. Blog: Our Inhumane Practices For Elephants Cause Deaths Like ThisSwati ThiyagarajanMonday, December 17, 2018If longer term solutions that fit with elephant ecology and local people needs are not worked out, this conflict is only going to get worse.Blog: All You Should Know About That Big Climate Meet, COP 24Swati ThiyagarajanTuesday, December 4, 2018We are living on the borrowed future of coming generations and the poorest of our poor. Perhaps COP 24 could be the first step forward in changing this.Blog: The Killing Of An American Missionary By Andaman TribeSwati ThiyagarajanSaturday, November 24, 2018It is essential to recognise not just the right but the need to leave indigenous people alone, to not literally invade their space. Let us stick to boundaries and respect them.Blog: With New Tiger Death, Odisha Proves It Has Learnt NothingSwati ThiyagarajanSaturday, November 17, 2018Three days ago, the Odisha Forest department announced that the three year old tiger brought all the way to the Satkosia Tiger Reserve canada goose outlet online store from the Kanha national park in Madhya Pradesh, a distance of 600 kms, had died three months after completing the journey canada goose clearance sale.