The mother said she managed to prevent her daughter head from hitting the floor, but her left foot hit a plastic garbage pail near the toilet during the fall and that she landed a frog and ankles hit the floor really hard. The fall, which happened on a Sunday night, the mother said her daughter screamed and cried for about 10 minutes, but she thought it was because she was scared and had had a fright. Couldn walk the next day and her legs couldn bear weight.

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“Honestly, sushi is not that hard if you have a little patience and a sharp knife,” Sze said. “The hardest part comes before the rolling, with the fish before it’s filleted.”Find a reliable fishmonger who can recommend and debone various cuts for you, and the process becomes fully doable. Sze says maki (rolls) are the ideal place to start, becausethe outer layers rice and seaweed can help cover up any technical mistakes that might happen along the way..

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