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canada goose uk outlet Cllr Herbert said the council was also looking at upgrading the electricity and lighting in the square. He said there was also a decision to be made about how the square is used in the evening and whether more “night markets” or food and drink stalls might help make the space more friendly at night.Cllr Herbert acknowledged, however, that the city is going through “tough times” and that there is “not a lot of money floating around” to work with.Read MoreCambridge Market SquareWendy Blythe, a Cambridge resident and chairwoman of the Federation of Cambridge Residents’ Associations (FeCRA), said money from a “tourist tax” in the city could be used to help rejuvenate the square.”Why shouldn’t some of the money from tourists go to helping the market?” she asked. “It may be somewhere we want people to go as a destination itself.”Mrs Blythe said the market was canada goose outlet montreal address important to Cambridge and could be as vibrant as Borough Market in London if treated properly.. canada goose uk outlet

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